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Mercury Facts

  • Closest to Sun
  • Smallest – A bit larger than earth’s moon
  • 2nd Densest after Earth
  • 2nd warmest after Venus
  • Day side – 450°C
  • Night side – Drops to 100 times of degrees below freezing point
  • No atmosphere to absorb meteor impacts therefore its surface is pockmarked with crater just like the Moon.
  • consists of approximately 70% metallic and 30% silicate material.
  • Discovery: Known to the ancients and visible to the naked eye.
  • Named for: Messenger of the Roman gods
  • Diameter: 3,031 miles
  • Orbit: 88 Earth days
  • Day: 58.6 Earth days
  • Small planets’ nuclei are usually solid but due to Sulfur Mercury’s core is liquid.
  • It is becoming less bulky
  • In last 4 million years it has shrunk its radius to about 7Km
  • One rotation – 59 Earth days
  • Completes Orbit around the Sun – 88 Earth days.
  • Caloris crater is largest – 1550km in diameter
  • From Mercury the sun is viewed nearly 3 times larger as seen from the Earth.
  • It has double sun rise; Rises, disappears and then rises again.

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